Siegefall Update 3 Trailer

It’s time for the release of Siegefall Update 3 – introducing a new hero, flying troops, new cards, and more!


The Most Sinister of Heroes: Kuhl’ahn, the Undying

  • He has invaded the Divided Lands to take over his father’s throne. Fight, defeat, and recruit him to your side!
  • He’ll curse enemies’ defense towers to take more damage and raise undead troops to fight by his side
  • New chapter – Realm of the Dead – with 15 missions
  • Boss fight with a new twist – deploy your troops from different places on the map

First Flying Troops: The Gargoyles Have Landed

  • The first flying troops to take to the sky, opening a whole new layer of strategic gameplay
  • Avoid defensive towers and watch their powerful fireballs destroy enemy Kingdoms

Amazing NEW Cards

  • Evoke the Phoenix for destruction and healing, all-in-one!
  • Cast Weaken on enemies’ defense towers to bring them down a notch
  • [iOS Exclusive] Call the Apocalypse to rain fire down on your enemies

Extra Spice, More is Nice

  • The Dragon Hunter is wilder than ever with a NEW skin with stunning visual effects
  • Tribal Monkeys come from a far-off land to pay tribute. Send them on missions to retrieve extra resources

Cargo Ship Ahoy!

  • Players will now receive gifts when fellow Guild members make purchases. Share the wealth!

Apple Exclusive Gifts:

  • iOS players who download or update through November 19th will get an exclusive gift
    • 3 iOS-EXCLUSIVE Apocalypse cards
    • 20 Magic Dust
    • 1 Blue Rune for a week (2x faster timers for Hero and Troop upgrades & training)

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