The Lord of the Rings Online: Before the Shadow Teaser Trailer

Standing Stone Games has announced Before the Shadow, the next mini-expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online.

Via press release:

Before the Shadow focuses on early levels of the game. The new mini-expansion will send players into two new regions, Swanfleet and Cardolan, as Boromir makes his way north to Rivendell ahead of the meeting of what will eventually become the Fellowship of the Ring while the Nazgûl search for “Baggins” in the peaceful land of the Shire. Players will discover the threat rising from Mordor and Saruman’s Uruks as they explore the far history of Middle-earth.

Before the Shadow features questing from levels 1 to 32, in addition to four new Books for new characters. Higher level characters will see a new six-person Instance, a new Skirmish, and a Delving difficulty system that will offer new rewards and challenges.

In this upcoming mini-expansion, players can expect more new content and special incentives for VIPs. The blog post on Before the Shadow is available here and Standing Stone Games will have much more information to share as the studio gets closer to its planned pre-purchase availability in late September.

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