Total War: Three Kingdoms Reveals ‘Dynasty Mode’

Dynasty Mode will bring a brand-new free game mode to Total War: Three Kingdoms, designed in collaboration with Intel. This will bring a horde-style mode to the game, where players test their prowess against waves of enemies, with ever-increasing difficulty levels, using an army comprised of three hero units.

Characters in Dynasty mode are legendarily powerful and have access to a plethora of unique abilities, from healing buffs to area-based attacks which can floor droves of soldiers at a stroke. As your enemies fall to the might of your heroes, they grow in strength and size over time with generals taking to the field of battle every third wave in an attempt to halt your dominance. Defeating them earns your heroes extra points to spend on new skills between waves.

Players can also increase the challenge using the new unit size slider, which lets players drastically increase the unit size of enemies they face: this goes from the standard 80 men, up to a titanic 960 men per unit. Further details can be found in this blog. Dynasty Mode launches on August 8th, 2019.

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