Warframe: Veilbreaker Reveal Trailer

Warframe showcases Veilbreaker, its next update coming soon on all platforms.

A Sentient Murex located near Deimos holds a frightening discovery: although The New War is largely over, Narmer’s enslavement of the Origin System continues. Many Grineer and others remain imprisoned and helpless under the crushing influence of the Narmer Veil.

Enter Kahl-175. Having survived his brush with the Sentients, and now free from their shackles, he emerges as the Origin System’s newest savior. Wield his explosive Grineer armaments as you race against time to rescue your Brothers from Narmer’s oppressive clutches. Battle Archons alongside your Squadmates, take on all-new Missions and bend time with the Protea Caladrius Collection.

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