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Blade & Soul is NCsoft's next big title after Aion: The Tower of Eternity. Shifting from the Western fantasy found in Aion and Lineage 2, Blade & Soul has now moved to a Eastern / Asian setting. The game is inspired by the Chinese martial arts fraternity, a favourite for the game's producers.

Why is it hot:

Its MMO bigwig NCsoft's next grand title (together with Guild Wars 2), possibly in 2010. With the sales figures for Aion reaching the roof around the world, all eyes must be on the company on how their next game will fare. Taking a look at the trailer, one can't help but imagine if the game will rewrite the history for the mostly “generic” Asian martial arts MMORPGs out in the market. And not to mention, how many Pay to Play martial arts MMORPGs are there ? None ~! Only big companies like NCsoft will be able to pull the game off successfully as a Pay to Play.

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