Conquista Fantasia

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    Funnel Inc.

  • Genre
    2D Fantasy

  • Category
    Free To Play

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  • Gamesite

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In an alternate version of the 1900s, the Automaton, a magical mechanist doll made by steam technology, has caused a rift in humanity. Both sides struggle against each other as they seek to overthrow the Automaton in a battle of magic and steam. Choose your side and reconquer the world for mankind!


Free-to-play: Conquista Fantasia is free to play from your Android device, no purchase required!

Deep Storyline: Follow a deep single player story line as you seek to fight for humanity against the machines in a steampunk world.

Player Versus Player: Humanity doesn't stand together, even against the Automaton. Prepare for battles against other players in a struggle for dominance!

Collectable Equipment: Gather and collect rare, valuable, and stylish equipment in your push for victory.

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  • ‘Randy Marshall

    Fix the damn GAME already, its been a MONTH and no response OR repairs…is there anyone developing this game at all??