Realm of the Mad God

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    Deca Games

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    2D Fantasy, Free To Play, Fantasy

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Realm of the Mad God is a classic pixel based MMORPG that has its roots in rogue-like games. Fight monsters, level up, get equipment, and grow powerful. Be careful, though! Death is permanent, but necessary to unlock more powerful classes.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes; cosmetic, equipment, and more -- all for convenience

Key Features:

► Action combat: Deceptively simple, just run and shoot! Super simple, but endlessly addictive.
► Co-op play: Fight by yourself, or join countless others on the quest to destroy more monsters.
► Loot, loot, and more loot!: Find equipment, earn gold, become a legend. Die, and do it all over again.
► Death is not the end: Level up classes, and unlock additional classes by reaching level milestones. Gotta unlock 'em all!


Base Classes: Wizard, Priest, Archer, Rogue, Warrior
Second Classes: Necromancer, Assassin, Huntress, Knight, Ninja
Advanced Classes: Sorcerer, Mystic, Trickster, Paladin, Samurai

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