Wind Slayer 2

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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For those familiar with the Windslayer series you should know what to expect jumping into the sequel. For those not in the know, Windslayer does two things exceptionally well. 2D platforming in an MMORPG setting and PvP! Take up arms as one of six class branches and explore a world filled with terrible monsters, exotic lands, and fantastic weaponry. If you’re truly good, someday you may even have apprentices who look up to you as their master!


PvP: PvP is the big focus here. Players can compete for the title of strongest in team battles, death matches, and even chaotic capture the flag modes.

Mentor System: In exchange for rewards, experienced gamers can take on the role of a mentor to help new players rise through the ranks.

Pet System: Pets come in a wide variety from pandas to sheep to penguins and double as mounts as well as item collectors.

6 Branching Class Archetypes: Players can start down the road to adventure as an archer, mage, monk, priest, rogue, or warrior. As you advance you can learn new class specific skills and techniques to further customize and strengthen your character.

Job System: Think your 2D gaming can’t have jobs? Think again! Windslayer 2 offers armor enchanting, potion crafting from herbs, and a mining system that ties into blacksmithing.

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