Glitch Online

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  • Developer:
    Tiny Speck

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

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Glitch Online takes place within the minds of eleven particularly imaginative giants. It is your job to be the creator, building the world of Glitch into a world you can call home. Just be mindful of your neighbors trying to do the same!


Skill System: OnRPG doesn’t normally list this as a notable feature but Glitch’s skill system is quite unique. You won’t be learning fireballs and lightning spells but instead mastering the ability to learn faster, or engineering, or animal husbandry! Skills are all about crafting and creating in Glitch.

Achievements: They come in the form of little scout badges and are there to set benchmarks of achievement in a very player driven game. With so many achievements to unlock, you can be at it for quite a while

Massive Game World: For as large as the game world is, it’s hard to believe we are looking at a browser game. Explore hundreds of locations and even choose one to make your home!

Items: Like the skill system, items in this game are very different. Most all items are used as either food to give bonuses or as part of a complicated crafting formula. This game is definitely designed with collectors in mind.

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