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Gloria Victis is an MMORPG that features heavy sandbox elements. Players join one of four different nations, dictating the plot of the kingdom as they go along. Quests are multi-path, taking characters in different directions depending on choices made. With a classless leveling system, you decide what your character will be and how it will develop. With a tactical combat system, battles are strategic and intense. Craft, build, and develop the world around you.


Freeform RPG: The world of Gloria Victis is alive with factions, people, and more. Your actions help influence the world around you, with quests that have multiple paths, and consequences that reach far.

Classless Leveling: Be who you want to be. Create a powerful warrior, a master craftsman, a mysterious wizard, or a jack-of-all trades. What your character will become is limitless.

PvP Tournaments: Fight for your nation and for glory in knightly competition. Siege enemy castles for profit and control. Small or large scale, there is plenty of combat to be had in Gloria Victis.

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