Angels Online: Angels Auction Begins

The Angels Online ( team is happy to announce that the Angels Auction is now available for all AO players.

In the past, many beginners with relatively low levels may be anxious because they are unable to defeat BOSSes and obtain superior equipment. However, the Angels Auction offers all players a chance to obtain superior equipment even if you are a beginner. Many superior equipment, rides and even in-game emoticons are available in the Angels Auction. Note that different items will be auctioned in turns, and each auction period is 2 days.

Below are two cool equipments introduction:

Equipment for Mage: Top Mage Staff (+422 spell attack, +120 HP and +96 MP)

Equipment for Bowman: Top Fire Tooth (695-713 atttack, +4 attack speed, +120 HP and +96 MP)

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