Angels Online: Take a Spin through Candy Land

Angels Online: Take a Spin through Candy Land


Candy Land, the fourth major patch for IGG’s Angels Online, serves up delicious new content for the angels of Eden. There are new quests, epic instances, cool-looking items and a whole lot more. Venture through a world made of succulent fruits and mouth-watering candies as you try to defeat evil forces lurking in the shadows. Here’s just a taste of the fun waiting for everyone in this scrumptious update.


Rescue the Past, Present and Future

The Evil Lyceum has launched an aggressive assault on Eden. To foil its devious plans and return peace to the land, Michael has ordered all angels to help rescue the Goddesses of Fortune. The three Goddesses control the Past, Present and Future. Their fate will determine the destiny of mankind.


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Defend Building Block City

Meanwhile, the brave angels must also protect Eden’s last line of defense, Building Block City. If the fortress falls, all will be lost. The forces of the Angel Lyceum must begin their counter-offensive there and attempt to drive the forces of evil back to Poker Castle.


To thwart the threats surrounding Building Block City, Leader Kahn needs help gathering supplies and troops. He’s asking angels to travel through Strawberry Garden, Fruit Town and Chocolate Village in search of military supplies. Help him unite his scattered troops and prepare to fight back against the invasion.


Showdown at Poker Castle

By the time everything is in place for the epic assault on Poker Castle, the conflict will have reached the point of no return. The fates of Eden and mankind will rest upon the shoulders of the brave angels who find themselves mere steps away from facing the ultimate threat.


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