Dragon Nest EU Welcomes Circus Maximus in Huge Update

Dragon Nest EU Circus Maximus

German based publisher eFusion MMOG GmbH has released the next major content update for its free-to-play MMO Dragon Nest Europe. In the Circus Maximus Arena players can accept exciting challenges and be rewarded with unique items in return. With the introduction of a new ladder system, PvP battles become even more exciting and, for the first time in the world of Althea, mounts are available.

Let the games begin

Adventurers can now take a break from their stressful life as heroes and visit Circus Maximus. Taking their skills to the test in five new challenges, the following battle modes have to be mastered in order to win unique rewards:

Boss Rush: Players have to vanquish their most powerful opponents a second time.

Gobartans: True heroes can unleash their battle frenzy against a horde of 300 goblins.

Bumpy Road: This obstacle course will put the players’ dexterity to the test.

Monastery Treasure Warehouse: Flocks of monsters are hiding there and have to be defeated in order to loot their treasures.

Ork Gim Strikes Back: Wounded soldiers of Saint Haven have to be defended against the assaulting waves of orcs.


Up, up, up the stairs we go

With the introduction of a ladder system, Player vs Player battles are even more exciting now. Through a rating and scoring system, players can compete with other ladder characters. 1 on 1 matches are automatically set up based on the players’ individual strength and they earn valuable points that can be exchanged for exclusive items.

Dragon Nest EU Mount Wolf

With the new update players are also able to explore the Dragon Nest universe with new mounts. In order to go off adventuring with a new companion, heroes must first collect medals from the level 40 Nests, which can then be redeemed for various horses.

In addition, each player has the opportunity to purchase a Deluxe Box with the chance of receiving a unique wolf.


Heroes wanted!

Players have a chance to win prizes worth a total of € 1,000 until the 27th of April. Together with their teammates, players need to clean the Apocalypse Nest as quickly as possible. Check out the full info at the official site!

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