OnRPG Shotgun News 4/17: Prime World, Darkfall, Guns of Icarus, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe


District 187: Sin Streets Introduces Femme Fatal


Lookout world here come the women! For the first time in District 187: Sin Streets’ history women will be playable characters. Emilia is a former pro cheerleader who turned to a life of crime and badassery. With her in the Femme Fatal update comes a new map, Metro, where players battle for the only transport hub in District 187.


Guns of Icarus Meets Kickstarter Goal

Thanks to the fans of Guns of Icarus they’ve reached their $100,000 goal with 34 days remaining. And that means the stretch goals are coming out. The next goal is $350,000 which will mean a world map of towns and trade routes and much more.


Prime World Live Stream

Prime World is hosting it’s first live stream right now on twitch.tv. Log in at 3PM EST and join the conversation where you’ll be able to ask questions. And keep an eye out on OnRPG later this week to see more coverage of Prime World from DizzyPW.


DUST 514 Hosts Reddit AMA

Tomorrow from 3AM GMT CCP will be hosting an Ask Me Anything session with 8 different members of the development team. Those with questions are invited to post them during a 24 hour time period after which the CCP team will get together and start a crazy answering session.


Star Trek Online Character Creation Gets Improvements in Coming Expansion


A new dev blog shows off the changes to the character creation process for Star Trek Online which will be part of the Legacy of Romulus expansion. It will include the ability to choose your faction from the start, touching up to the visual interface, preset options for streamlining, and much more.


World of Warcraft Battlechest on Sale for $10

For this week only you can buy the WoW Battlechest for just $10. This is half the price it normally is. So if you don’t already own World of Warcraft now is your chance to pick it up on the cheap.


Darkfall: Unholy Wars Launches

After a long wait Darkfall: Unholy Wars has launched at last. It is only available via digital distribution from the official site so you don’t have to worry about finding a game store that stocks it.

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