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Here you'll find an extraordinary, original world of high fantasy, epic conflict, and exciting gameplay. We've been called "the only text MUD that still matters," and one of the co-creators of Doom has said he "doesn't believe there is a deeper game in existence.

Achaea Features:
- A huge, original world that includes other planes like the Underworld and the Parthren Gare.

- A deep, fast-paced combat system with over a thousand abilities and spells.

- A wide range of player-run organizations from city-states to Houses, clans, religious Orders, and the Quisalis assassins.

- The ability to customise an immense number of things about your character, from your castle to your clothes to your personal history to your bloodline.

- A roleplaying environment aimed at being fun without being oppressive.

- An engaging interactive tour for newbies, and a comprehensive Quick Start Guide so that you can dive in with all the information you need to get started right at your fingertips.

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