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Set in a richly detailed original fantasy world with a horror theme and powered by a custom game engine, Maiden Desmodus offers an intense multiplayer role-playing environment and brutal real-time player vs. player combat. Choose a side in the ongoing war and train unique guild skills such as blood magic, medicine, crafting, sword fighting, and firearms.
Join us now and discover a more interesting world to inhabit!
A Brief Background:
When the Kneyan Kingdom was conquered a hundred years ago and the Kneyan people of the mainland exterminated, The Isle became an independent kingdom. With the trade routes decimated by war, the Kneyans of The Isle settled into a peaceful and self-reliant existence. That is, until the arrival of a dark being that came to be known by the islanders as the Maiden Desmodus.
The Maiden Desmodus, described as a witch by some, a vampire or demon by others, began feeding off of the population. Great efforts were made to slay the Maiden, yet all were futile. In time, the Kneyans forged an unspoken truce with “The Crimson Goddess” and blood was soon being offered in worship at temples throughout The Isle.
However, a rebellion against the practices of traditional Desmoduism led to the fracturing of the Kneyan Kingdom, and now the emerging Kingdom of Thiria wages a brutal war with their former brothers to the south.
Some of Our Features Include:
-A totally unique game world with no cloned rooms or cheesy descriptions
-Description-driven character interaction
-Non-automated real-time combat where you control every attack and counter
-A totally player-driven economy with an extensive crafting and market system
-Build a sprawling private estate or take a room in an inn
-Experience high-level mass warfare and conquest
-Player created cabals and political intrigue including the ability to be voted into office
-Hundreds of unique skills to learn and master to customize your character
-Story-based task system so there are always interesting non-grinding things to do
-Unique and repeatable quests available
-Guild trials to advance within your guild
-Detail that is unmatched by other online RPGs creates a rich and immersive experience
-MXP compatible play allows you to use your mouse to point, click, interact, and navigate
-A beautiful and fully functional web client with MXP, sounds, buttons, gauges and mapper
-NPCs that talk with you and interact with you, each with their own life and backstory.

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