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    T3 Entertainment

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    3D Music/Dancing

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Become a Dancer with stunning moves to captivate your fans! Audition, an online dance game with breathtaking graphic and multiple game features. Compete with your friends in different modes to be the best dancer on stage, you play with simple directional and space bar keystrokes while enjoying marvelous dance steps and choreographic moves.

The different game modes are Practice Mode, Normal Individual, Choreography, Freestyle Battle, Group Mode, SYNC - 8 and NPC Battle Party,

Practice mode you can learn the basic dance steps by yourself or with friends.

Normal Individual you can battle with 1 to 6 players. In each match you play 4 different levels, Normal, Freestyle, and Freestyle 2 and finish move.

Choreography is where you try and dance in sync with your friends and competitors.

Freestyle battle is where each round has random dance moves. Group mode can be played with 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3. You take turns facing opponents.

Sync-8 you actually move in 8 different ways total instead of the customary 4.

NPC Battle Mode you can challenge and NPC in battle, you are required to have 5 players challenge the NPC.

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    Hit it! This trailer / content video shows both the story behind Audition Dance Battle as well as the game-play. Check out character creation, dance select

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