Call of Champions

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  • Developer:
    Spacetime Studios

  • Genres:
    MOBA, Fantasy

Breaking into the mobile MOBA genre is Call of Champions, developed by Spacetime Studios who has partnered with professional MOBA players in order to deliver an even better MOBA experience to the mobile MOBA fan-base. Call of Champions has a plethora of champions for the player to choose from and plans to develop even more exciting champions. Spacetime Studios is even letting players choose their favorite champions in the game that they would like the game to launch with! Call of Champions promises to stay a mobile MOBA by offering players short five-minute matches, but it will also include tournament structures and social features for players to integrate with each other.


Champion Variety: Call of Champions features the standard MOBA player classes of Tank, Mage, Fighter, Assasin and Support, but each of these champion classes feature champions of eight different elements: Shadow, Air, Tech, Earth, Nature, Ice, Fire, and Light.

Pro Player Aided Development The fact that Call of Champions has partnered with professional League of Legends players Snoopeh, Voyboy, and Phantomlord shows that they are truly considering the MOBA fan-base in their development.

Short Match Times Call of Champions' short match times will be ideal for the mobile MOBA player who doesn't have the normal half an hour to an hour's worth of time to devote to a match and be tied to a desktop/laptop.

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