Spacetime Studios Launches Call of Champions

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Spacetime Studios, a Texas-based independent mobile game developer and publisher, has launched Call of Champions, a next-generation multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that delivers fast-paced combat against anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Comprised of 5-minute real-time 3vs3 matches, Call of Champions brings intense and strategic action with last-minute outcomes. Call of Champions is now available as a free download exclusively on the App Store for iPhone and iPad:


“We’ve spent the last two years creating a fiercely competitive experience perfect for the mobile gamer,” said Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Studios. “Call of Champions is a hugely innovative game with robust spectator capabilities, and the combination is unique on any platform. In all our years making games, we’ve never seen players get more excited.”


Call of Champions builds upon and refines core MOBA gameplay mechanics to fit the specific play style of mobile gamers. Players must strategically work with their team to score the most points in a 5 minute match. Call of Champions adapts conventional MOBA gameplay by removing slower mechanics like “minions” and “item shops” and replacing them with a unique Orb and Power-Up system. This creates a frenzied tug-of-war to take down the most towers, kill the most enemies, and – if a team is good enough – destroy the enemy base before the 5 minute timer expires.


With competition at its core, Call of Champions gives players the ability to watch live and featured matches, as well as an expansive social toolset to invite friends to matches, chat to plan strategy, recruit teams, and play custom games. The Call of Champions fiction immerses players in a place beyond the cosmos, controlling one of sixteen Champions with an enormous array of abilities and customizable talents. Each Champion has been developed from five roles across eight realms and comes equipped with their own individual appearance, personality, and play style.


To “#AnswerTheCall” and join the competition today, download Call of Champions at:

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