Hazard Ops

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    Yingpei Games

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Hazard Ops is a multiplayer online third-person shooter developed by Yingpei Games and published by Infernum. Known as Mercenary Ops 2 in China, Hazard Ops is also the European counterpart for "Zombies Monsters Robots" in North America.


Intense co-op & competitive modes: For both the casual and hardcore, there's something for everyone.

Expansive variety of maps & enemies: Tons of variety to break up repetition.

Unpredictable boss fights: Duel against creatures that will require you to switch tactics during every encounter.

Deep customization of guns & gear: Tweak your weapons and equipment with several different parts and stats until your heart's content.

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Game Videos

  • Hazard Ops: Like a Boss Update

    Update 1.5 hits Hazard Ops "like a boss." Boss rush, boss mini-pets, and more are coming today. See the details here.

  • Hazard Ops Drone Warz Trailer

    Powerful new pets are now available in Hazard Ops. Catch the details at the official page.

  • Hazard Ops Operation Downfall

    Face off against the world's ugliest scum in this new mission, available through December 18.

Game Articles

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    Hazard Ops is tackling the curse of Friday the 13th with the release of its Drone War Z update. Players will also get an experience boost this weekend...

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    In space, no one can hear your bullets. Infernum today announces an update that is literally out of this world! The “Full Metal Moon” update takes...

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