Hazard Ops Releases Drone War Z Update

Hazard Ops Drone War Z

Hazard Ops is tackling the curse of Friday the 13th with the release of its Drone War Z update. Players will also get an experience boost this weekend to get the most out of the new content.

Content Highlights:

  • Every merc on the Hazard Ops payroll will now be able to purchase their very own Robopet! These deadly flying robots will follow you around wherever you go on the battlefield, lending its formidable firepower to your own! Best of all, they will be available in several different models and will sell in both Coins and Cash!
  • Not only that, but we have four new PvP maps for you to fly your bots around in! The first one, Unreal Space, is a virtual reality simulation where you can kill each other to your hearts content without actually spilling a drop of blood! Or maybe its like The Matrix and you die anyway…but who cares?!
  • The next two are Section Seven and Downtown Garage. These are both more intense maps where claustrophobia can seep in; potential enemies are around every corner. In the latter there’s thankfully an underground section to retreat to, but in the former, the only place to hide will start to get extremely hot. That’s nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, by the way.
  • The last map is new for BEAST only, Floating Temple! Fight off the zombies pouring out of the recently opened tombs, hidden behind a temple sitting in a picturesque mountain range. As the zombies, fight your way out to have enjoy the view as well, backstabbing a few humans on the way as you do!
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