Harzard Ops: Full Metal Moon Update Now Available

Hazard Ops

In space, no one can hear your bullets. Infernum today announces an update that is literally out of this world! The “Full Metal Moon” update takes the battlefield into outer space and brings new maps, costumes and weapons that every space cowboy is going to need!

The IMSA has it in for that big hunk of cheese, and they’ll stop at nothing to make it theirs. On the new Assault Ops map “Launch Site”, you’ve got to stop a legendary order of assassins from blasting a nasty virus into the atmosphere. But be careful: Those ladies take no prisoners.

Experience the thrilling plot of the assassin boss Colonel Cooper and her vile plan on the new Co-op map “Moon Landing” in Survival 2.0 mode. She’s about to stir up a serious storm, so wipe the moondust out of your eyes and take her down!

For more info, visit http://www.hazardops.com/en/

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