Last Oasis

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    Donkey Crew

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Race the sun as you travel from oasis to oasis in a world whose rotation has ceased, in Last Oasis, the nomadic survival MMO.

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: Unknown

Key Features:

Race the Sun: One day on earth is a year, as the plant no longer rotates in its orbit around the sun. A single band of livable land exists between extreme wastelands of hot and cold.

Player Driven Economy: Play the merchant if you're so inclined, or the pirate who robs them. Or the bounty hunter who stops the pirates. How you play is up to you!

Explore an MMO-Sized Planet: The number of oases available to explore expands as the number of players on a server increases. Visit new biomes to find rare materials, before the sun consumes them.

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