Last Oasis: Season Five Trailer

Last Oasis, the nomadic survival MMO, has released its Season Five update to PC and Xbox. Features of this update include:

  • PvE Maps – Nomads can play at their own pace solo or with a small group of friends. Higher tier PvE maps will offer higher risk, but, also, better rewards.
  • Giant Monsters – Experience colossal monster challenges and earn new technology and resources by taking down enormous boss-type creatures. Many of them have also been tamed by Rupus and have siege weapons attached to them on wooden platforms for the ultimate challenge.
  • New Siege Weapon Types – Players now have access to a variety of new weapons to use in both PvE and PvP, including Stingers, Rokkers, and many more. All of them can be controlled by the Walker driver.
  • Automatons and Remote Weapons – Solo players can rely on independent technology to wipe out foes while they worry about steering their walker in the right direction. No clan? No problem!
  • Schematics – Schematics allow players to craft or build specific items or structures with ease, thus completely transforming progression and the player-run economy.
  • Completely Overhauled Travel System – Leave your base behind more frequently in search of unique resources found across Last Oasis’ massive world map. Pick your adventuring destination and return home with massive loot!
  • Smarter Creatures – All creatures have unique patterns of behavior, attacks, and other features. Players can fight them both on Walkers and on the ground, depending on size and temperament.
  • New Rupu Types and Overhauled Rupu Camps – Fortified enemy Rupu camps will require careful planning and preparation to raid. Those with manned Rupu weapons will also need a strong Walker to survive.

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