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Greed Monger is a crafting focused, free to play MMORPG where every finished item in the world is crafted by a player. Monsters dont drop swords, gold pieces or armor, but when harvested after a kill, they will drop materials used in crafting items, weapons, armor and the like.


Open World Sandbox Elements: Open PK in certain areas, non-instanced housing, experimental crafting, and more will take this MMORPG into levels of freedom we haven't seen in AAA titles for quite some time.

Dev-Controlled Monsters: AI not cutting it for you? Try your hand against the indie devs themselves as they launch dynamic assaults on player build towns.

Dynamic Skill Acquisition: No man can know all things. In Greed Monger your actions have consequences and certain skills may be unlocked based on your behavior.

No Lore: Why be hand fed your lore when you can be responsible to build your own? The tales told by players will actively build into the lore of Greed Monger!

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