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    Goldfire Studios

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CasinoRPG places you in the world of the rich, the lucky, and the not-so-luck. Begin as a janitor and play your cards at the table. Pursue careers, missions, and even become a multi-casino tycoon!


Free to Play: CasinoRPG is free-to-play, with an optional subscription with added perks, plus virtual items - but never pay-to-win.

Role-playing: Mixing genres, CasinoRPG places you in the role of a character in the casino world, not just another gambler on the Internet. Interact with NPCs and other players to define who you are.

Tycoon Play: Work your way up to become a casino tycoon, owning multiple casinos and letting NPCs and players try their luck directly with you!

Variety of Games: Try your hand at Texas Hold'Em, BlackJack, slots, and more.

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  • CasinoRPG Launch Trailer

    Live the Vegas life as you build your way from a simple janitor to a casino tycoon in this amazing MMORPG simulation, CasinoRPG.

  • CasinoRPG Trailer

    CasinoRPG mashes RPG elements and tycoon builders into one dynamic browser game.

Game Articles

  • kathy bennett

    have a hard time logging in to casino can any one help?

  • Lucy_Fer

    my account was banned after one day of play for playing on the same ip address as roommate. I spent 10 dollars on the game to start it and asked for a refund, they game never responded to my many emails so I had to do a dispute through my bank to get it back.. this game is [DELETED]