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Rumble Fighter is a free to play action MMO focused on fighting.Team up with your friends and fight other players!
* Customisable - change your character’s appearance and choose his/her fighting style and techniques
* Solo or Team - choose to battle alone or join forces with friends
* Easy to learn - casual and fun gameplay makes Rumble Fighter easy to understand and fun to play
* Hardcore Gamer or Casual Fighter - Rumble Fighter is exciting for players of all abilities, from the "Casual" to the "Hardcore"
* Rich graphics - Rumble Fighter’s custom-built graphics engine uses cell shading techniques and pre-rendered global illumination map textures, creating vibrant rich imagery inspired by Comic Book style
* Upgrade with "Astros" - use in-game points known as Carats or buy OGPlanet’s universal cyber currency Astros to further customise your characters and buy new techniques, weapons and other items

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  • Rumble Fighter Trailer

    A nice trailer for the European version of Rumble Fighter, an action game MMO focused on fighting! Check it out!

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