Seven Souls Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Explore sophisticated crossover fantasy worlds and exploit the exciting and dynamic action of full 3D MMORPG 'Project S'.
Two moons have always gleamed over nights of Eath. But a heavenly catastrophe has shattered Blue Moon. Such devastation started a new era on Eath as it opened a path joining two continents that have been separated before times of recording. Explore two worlds and set order against mysterious force that shadows over Eath.


Rage Mode – With the push of a button, players can turn their characters into gruesome monsters for increased attack strength and critical attack chance.


Book of Lost Souls – This book is one of the game’s most distinctive features. It not only tells the background story, but also differentiates each class from others by providing distinctive skills and power-ups.

Enchant and Cube Systems – Players can enjoy easy-to-use Enchant and Cube Systems to enforce or dismantle their items and weapons. The randomness aspect allows players to acquire extremely rare items.

Anti-Bot – Seven Souls Online does not welcome hunting bots. The anti-bot system will penalize excessive hunters while rewarding loyal, quest-completing players.

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