2029 Online: Refining System Lets Players Upgrade Gear

Do you cower in fear or embarrassment while others show off their awesome gear? In 2029 Online you don’t have to be afraid of PVP or ashamed of your equipment if you learn a few simple tips for refining or upgrading the gear you rely upon to survive in this war-torn science fiction world. Once you master the basics of how to improve your weapons, armor or vehicles, you can rush into battle with confidence and security.
Equipment refinery allows players to keep their gear up to snuff without constantly searching for or buying replacements. After a friendly chat with refinery NPCs in the main cities, you can just start to refine anything: corsairs, armor, weapons and even accessories. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be refining dusty old items into high grade equipment in no time.
* All gear in the game can be refined, but you can only refine items suitable for your level.
* You can refine items usable by other classes, but can only use refined gear appropriate for your class.
* Refined equipment carries a ranking designated by stars. The highest rank you can achieve is 9 stars.
* Refining has a chance of failure. This may result in the loss of a piece of equipment beginning at 4 stars. Lower-ranked gear will not be destroyed during refining.
* At 4 stars or greater, refinery failures can result in the loss of equipment. Even if you do not lose your equipment, a failure can reduce its rank. To help prevent this from happening, use a Firming Agent or try binding the equipment to your character before you start the refining process.
* Use a Stabilizer to enhance your chances of successfully refining your equipment.
Speak to Artisans in Bright City or Jungle zones once you have the necessary rare alloys to try refining a piece of equipment. Practice on low-ranking gear first until you get the hang of it. Once an item is rated 4 stars or better, it will not only require more materials to refine, but will be more costly to lose in the event of a failure. Before long, you will find yourself refining all sorts of common items into the kind of high-end gear you can be proud of – and your enemies can fear!

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