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Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Game description: 2029 Online is the first MMO game with a good amount of three Corridors, RTS and RPG elements all thrown into the mix. It mimics and allows the virtual equivalent of real combat experiences. Players explore a realistic and colorful world rendered in real time 3D. The smooth 3D character animation, the delicate Avatar System design and various interesting scenario’s with a real-world-like game environment help the game break into a market overrun with competitors that too often look alike. The beautiful scenery and stunning computer graphics will leave you awestruck. The game has many convenient designs, including Quick Locate, Auto Attack and Mercenary, which keep the challenges in the game and off the keyboard. Quests in the game will not only bring you expand quality gear but the fun and the feeling of belonging to a team. The instanced dungeons await heroes to venture in and meet the darkness head on. You can create a dungeon scene anywhere to get hooked for hours during your adventure.

This game is poised for huge success and to win peoples’ hearts with its DIY fun kits to create all sorts of interesting things, including unique fighting vehicles, the quality time spent producing gorgeous gear, and intense battles over territory and brutal competition among guilds. Five classes stemming from the three races help increase the mystique of the game. This year you’ll be checking your calendar over and over again to make sure it’s not really 2029.

The game is a skill-based sci-fi MMORPG. As the first game launched with a customized Fighting Vehicle leveling system, this game has many advantages that put it above the rest of the global competition.

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  • GamerIncognito

    Just love clicking on a link to the “homepage” of a game, and finding everything BUT the game I am looking for.

  • wapak

    when 2029 game back?!

  • ujhgfd

    whered the game go?

  • Polgin

    Game is no longer active. should be taken off list of mmo games or at least put on a list of games that are no longer aviable