8-Bit Studios: ‘Is making a quality F2P game possible for next gen?’


Bit, the independent development studio based in Barcelona, Spain and London, UK, today confirmed their attendance of EGX 2014 and also announced two developer talks which are scheduled to take place at 11am on Friday and Saturday morning of the show at the XboxOne booth (ground floor, zone 4).

8-Bit are currently working on a revolutionary F2P multiplayer online versus (MOV) third person hack n’ slash em up, ‘SKARA: The Blade Remains’ which utilises Epic’s Unreal4 Engine and is already looking triple AAA quality.

“We are constantly getting compared to big name games at the moment which is a little daunting as we’re only a team of 10!” commented Pablo Rodriguez, Creative Director at 8-Bit. “Having said that, we are very confident that our title will be top quality and we feel that we can perfectly balance F2P mechanics while maintaining a high quality game experience, it’s going to be ‘triple III’ rather than ‘triple AAA’ though, we are determined to break the stigma that F2P games seem to attract”
Pablo Rodriguez along with Cesar Ortega (Executive Producer on Skara) will be giving both talks at the show this week, the team invite attendees to participate in the discussion.

For more info, visit http://skarathebladeremains.com/

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