Age of Conan Releases New End-Game Content: House of Crom

Age of Conan Releases New End-Game Content: House of Crom



Funcom, developers of the hit mature Freemium MMORPG, Age of Conan, today released a hefty update focusing on end-game content known as the House of Crom! Hidden beneath the scarred mountains of the Cimmerian north, this epic location brings with it many new dynamic encounters, new loot, and a new social dungeon for multiple groups to enjoy!



Before you rush into thinking this is just another dungeon, wait until you see the scope of these halls. Multiple storylines will take you deeper into the abandoned ruins of the House of Crom where epic loot, buried secrets, and horrible creatures await you. To better describe the scale, let’s break down these halls into two sections:



The Threshold of Divinity: This is an epic raid dungeon in which four groups of six players each are tasked with aiding the Cimmerians in driving out the Vanir desecrators. With your legion of allies backing you, you’ll have to tackle more challenging encounters (9 in total) and some new puzzle systems only possible due to the social nature of the dungeon.



The Vile Nativity: In the long forgotten library of the House of Crom lays many historic texts key to discovering the mysteries of Atlantis. Players will have to undergo this challenge in a team of 6 to take on 7 encounters in all, with 2 encounters being optional hidden discoveries! By learning the language of the Atlantean scholars, players will be able to unlock the full secrets this library has hidden away for so many years. Of course you’ll have to dodge explosions, work with unexpected allies, and face some of the most massive bosses yet released in the Age of Conan universe!



Of course the House of Crom wouldn’t be a true ancient ruin without having its share of rare bounty for players to plunder! Expect many new armor sets and even some quite fashionable capes as your reward for unlocking the mysteries of the Atlanteans. Take a look at the screenshot section of our profile page for a preview of these armor sets!

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