Aika Online Announces Epic II: Karena Island

Aika Online Announces Epic II: Karena



The tides of battle have changed once again as new threats challenge the citizens of Aika Online!  Evil has turned its greedy eye upon a newly discovered island, and it’s up to each nation’s finest warriors to defend themselves in the newest chapter of Aika’s Epic II: Karena.  New PvE zones, enhanced PvP challenges, and delicious PvF wait on November 17th!



Wait what? What the heck is PvF? Aika is introducing a player versus fish system in which hearty adventures can take to the water all across Lakia to capture some tasty morsels. By turning your hard earned sea life over to a group of travelling penguins, you can cook up some stews sure to warm your bones and your blade with the blood of your enemies using new status enhancements.



As for the main content update, the tale of the corrupt Zerecan forces continues. Aika’s five nations find themselves at a crossroads when a resource rich island is discovered hovering near Traband.  Dubbed Karena, this new PvE isle may hold the key to destroying the Zereca, but each nation wants the power, ancient armor and weaponry for themselves.   They’ll have to join forces however if they wish to stop their common enemy. If they fail, and the Zereca in the Spiral Mine dungeon are not stopped from uncovering Karena’s Caelium core, the island may fall as well!



The war between nations continues elsewhere however, as the rules for Traband’s Tower Wars have transformed.  As each nation battles against each other they must now additionally collect resources from the resource nodes that litter the grounds of Traband.  Once collected, they can be used to power the guardian watchtowers, and the nation that manages to power the most towers will gain critical, battle winning buffs.



We’ll bring you more information as the 17th approaches!

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