April 9th Update: let the pets sleep!

On April 9th fly to Eversun and discover the brand new contents that GameTribe has reserved for you.

In the item shop you’ll find very useful new items:

  • First of all, a teleport gate to join your friends wherever they are from wherever you are!
  • The pet hibernation box ! This box stores a pet without losing loyalty
  • New potions to help you in your adventures :
    • Speed increase (Gale Pill),
    • Size increase/shrinking (Hulk/Midget pill)
    • 600 HP increase (Health Booster)
    • 300 MP increase (Magic Booster)
  • Last but not least new costumes to change your look (Kimono and Holy Cross).


Beside these new items, new quests will be available:

  • Flying quest step 2
  • Main quest step 6


All these new content will be added to DOMO during the weekly patch on April 9th.

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