Ariana Grande to feature in FF: Brave Exvius

arianagrande editorialOkay, so. When I heard a pop star was going to be featured in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, I assumed it would be a Japanese pop star. Someone like Ayumi, or someone more modern. You know, something that would make sense. Or even someone who cosplayed as a Final Fantasy character in the past. However, as was posted in a variety of places, including Ariana Grande’s own Instagram account, she’s going to be featuring as a character in the mobile game, Final Fantay: Brave Exvius! Why is this, you might ask? Well, her “Dangerous Woman” album features the titular star in a vinyl suit that is vaguely reminiscient of a Viera. It has vinyl rabbit ears and everything. So I assume the Final Fantasy: BE execs saw it, and immediately thought “Crossover!” and . . . Yeah, okay then. I understand wanting to create a crossover, and open their market to possibly previously untapped markets. I’m sure she has a colossal audience, and many of them may not be Final Fantay fans. But a chance to have Ariana on their team in a mobile game? One they’ll probably have to spend money for a shot to unlock? Now that makes sense. I guess the person they picked doesn’t make sense to me, unless her album cover was an homage to Final Fantasy XII. If that’s the case? Then yeah, totally makes sense. There isn’t a lot of information on it at the moment, but if you’re a fan of modern pop, or maybe you were just a fan of “Victorious”, the TV show she was on, you’ll want to keep an eye on it! Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius fans take note: I have a feeling her characters going to be absolutely busted. While I’m still very surprised it’s not a Japanese pop star being utilized, I imagine this is primarily for the American audience, finding someone that is both pretty and has a wide range of listeners who will flock to the game. So on that note, smart marketing, Square-Enix.

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  • Mike Guzman

    Playing that event the past few days. Like her so far, she’s a great mage for healing or attack. Only thing is (I’m guessing this is true for all the events) you can play the first few stages but have to be super high level to finish it)