Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: 5million+ players!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Mobile Game Banner

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Mobile Game Banner

Here in the West, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius now has over five million players. Typically, when one of these style mobile games reaches certain milestones, they do giveaways and promotions to get even more new people. This one’s no exception. From July 26th-30th, players will receive a Rare Summon Ticket and 10 Mini Minitaurs [use these to train characters], with 5 Tickets, and 50 Minitaurs. This will make it much easier for players to get new, rare characters and get them ready to be on your team. The current “rare” offerings aren’t really that appealing to me, the only one that stands out is Locke, but there are bound to be other rares on offer right now. I wish this would have happened when Kefka, Golbez and Exdeath were the most powerful rares to be summoned. Thankfully, I did manage to get Golbez at least. . .

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Pre-Registration Trailer

However, while I think this is fantastic, what I’d really like is an exp event. Brave Frontier and Dokkan Battle tend to do that, where players account level goes up at a much higher rate. With account levels come gems which can be used to summon characters for free, so maybe that’s why they’re not doing it? I definitely think it’s something to consider. It’s a game co-developed by gumi, famous for Brave Frontier, and plays similar.  It’s certainly something worth knowing about. Do you want to try a new mobile RPG? Love Final Fantasy? Then tomorrow is the perfect time to start if you’ve been on the fence. Don’t wait! Do you want to command a team of characters from various FF games as well as brand new ones? This is the game you want! You can physically explore stages, go to towns, craft gear, throw summons around and more. There’s a reason 5 million people in the West are playing!

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