Atlantica Online Releases Rise of Riederan This Week

Atlantica Online Releases Rise of Riederan This Week



The greatest test of strength is approaching in Atlantica Online with the release of the “Rise of Riederan” content update set for Nov. 16. Atlantica Online, Nexon’s strategic turn-based massively multiplayer online role playing game, will bring Atlantians a higher level cap, a new cross-server market, the elite Pegasus equipment, and the majestic sorceress Mwindo.



Players will be able to explore Atlantis further as the level cap is lifted from 140 to 150. Not only will these warriors proudly train as the strongest champions of Atlantica, they will be granted the power to wield the glorious Pegasus equipment. This gift of divinity is bestowed upon heroes of Atlantica by the mythical creature, Pegasus. Players will be able to harness the power of the mythical Pegasus starting from level 141.



To advance players’ access to items and equipment, Atlantica will be introducing the new cross-server market. Players will be free to trade goods amongst all six servers.



Before getting back on the field, players can use the Talent Point System to specialize their skill needs. Talent points can be spent freely to improve attack power, health, magic level, and class-specific abilities. Players can easily reset Talent Points should they wish to change their main character class.



The long awaited mercenary Mwindo will soon be ready for recruitment near Kinshasa in Africa. Mwindo controls the weather to unleash the devastating power of nature through two powerful spells: Primal Monsoon and Beating Sun. The powerful sorceress will join the journey on Dec. 7 to fulfill the prophecy of delivering peace and unity throughout all of Africa.



Check out the preview of General Riederan in the teaser trailer here!

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