Atlantica opens 6th official server

NDOORS Interactive, creators of the strategic turn-based MMORPG, Atlantica Online, today announced that they will be opening their 6th server, Delphi, to meet growing consumer demand. Each day brings new players into the world of Atlantica Online and the increase in server capacity improves the game’s performance and provides the best online experience possible. The expansion follows a major content update for the award-winning free-to-play MMO. With a 6th server online, Atlantica is prepared to welcome thousands of new users with a smooth gaming experience and allow veteran players the opportunity to start anew and tryout the new character classes. To celebrate the success of Atlantica Online and herald in the new server, NDOORS will be hosting the ‘Fortnight of the Oracle,’ a series of power-leveling festivities.

For a two-week period following the Delphi server’s opening on March 6, 2009, every player will receive a 120% experience boost, increased to 150% on weekends. In addition to the universal experience boost, players will have the opportunity to participate in:

* Level-up Race -More than 100 players will receive 1,000 Gcoins for reaching a designated level the fastest.

* Screenshot Contest – Players who submit the best screenshots will receive Gcoin prizes.

* Quiz Bowl – Players who correctly answer questions from GMs will receive in-game item prizes.

* Monster Hunts – Unique enemies will be spawned at various sites for new players to battle and earn rewards.

* Treasure Hunts and Item Giveaways – New players will have more opportunities to find crystals and scroll boxes and receive other free in-game items.

During the ‘Fortnight of the Oracle’ new players and veterans alike will be able to level up faster than ever. New players will have an edge in their development and veterans will have even more reason to try the new Musician class. Then they can make it to level 100 and unlock the new Maniac class.

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