Battle Battalions: Officially Released

Battle Battalions

Petroglyph is pleased to announce that today is the official global launch for Battle Battalions for PC. Battle Battalions is a free-to-play, tactical PC game that allows you to command a role-specific ‘Battalion’ of military might on a fast-paced, team-based battlefield.

Customize and command your personalized Battalions armed to the teeth with lethal military units ranging from stealthy Snipers to hard-hitting Juggernaut tanks. Engage in fast-paced, real-time action by deploying ability-boosting air drones, swiveling your tanks’ turrets to blast an enemy’s weak side or extracting pinned-down friendlies in trouble. Roll your Pathfinder Recon Battalion into thick brush for added armor protection or deploy your Suppressor Mortar Battalion on elevated terrain for high-ground ranged assaults. Taking and defending key points on the battlefield awards decisive advantages and a quicker path to victory.

“We feel this game breaks new ground in the real-time tactical space. As opposed to controlling a single Hero unit in combat, this time your entire Battalion is the hero.” -Joe Bostic, Co-Founder of Petroglyph and Game Visionary of Battle Battalions.

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