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Hey guys! There’s amazing new content coming for an already fantastic game, Battlefield 1! The content update is called “They Shall Not Pass” and includes a cool new game mode, a new army, engrossing maps like Verdun, and so much more. I’m a huge fan of Battlefield just in general, but so far Battlefield 1 has absolutely blown my mind. But just what is coming in March 2017 [present ETA] you might ask? Well, that’s what I’m here for! I hope you guys already have a season pass! If not, it’s definitely worth getting, as this pack is going to have a ton of content that is without a doubt worth getting.

  • The French: The hardened veterans of the French Army have risen up to defend their country. Put on your blues, and get ready to fight! The French are not here to surrender, but to fight until the bitter end until peace has returned not only to their homes, but to the rest of the world.
  • Maps: Because Battlefield didn’t have enough wonderful maps already, right? Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture, we get to see the sun set over the gorgeous fields and plains of France, watch the flames crackle and sizzle through the forests, and do battle across the war-torn nation. The maps are gorgeous beyond measure, and you won’t want to miss out on them.
  • New Mode: Frontlines! It’s a mix of Conquer and Rush, it feels like a tug-of-war in a chaotic battlefield. Capture the enemies control points, and send telegraphs where attack or defense spots need to take place. Once you’ve captured a point, it turns into more of a Rush map, and it sounds like it’s going to be action-packed.
  • Classes/Vehicles: Steel Behemoth and the Assault Tank Gun! Holy damn, you can spawn into a massive French tank and obliterate your foes with tread and shell. In addition, there’s the “Trench Raider” class, armed with an impressive grenade, and the Trench Club. It’s very melee oriented, you’ll leap down into the trenches and bludgeon your foes vigorously. Finally, there’s the siege weapon, the field gun, Siege Howitzer! Infantry players can hop in and blast the enemy team into smithereens with it!

Hyped yet? If not, what’s wrong!? Battlefield 1 is a glorious shooter, and this content is going to blow a lot of peoples’ minds!

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