Black Gold Online: New Auxiliary Class – Geomancer

Black Gold Online

Today, Snail Games released details on the divine healer on Erlandir side – Geomancer, who specializes in instantaneous single-target healing.

Geomancers best serve as supporters for battle troops. They divine remedies from the earth and its bounty. Their light armor is made up for by their healing abilities and strong long-range casting, but their close range attack is weak.

“In the ancient times, the ways of geomancy were not known to the Kosh mages. Few understood or appreciated the hidden power and the nurturing potency to be harnessed by the earthly element. Among the great mages, there were few patient and determined enough to study the rough, unyielding element to grasp at the deep force of life hidden within. It is said the great mage Damerhyn was the first to master the geomantic principles. After years of practice and meditation, Damerhyn revealed his great work, Gaialogy, to the Blue Robes Covenant. His volume became the foundation for the Order of the Geomancers, who committed themselves to the study of the earth and its healing properties. When war came, the Geomancers were called on to restore harmony in the land of Erlandir.”

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