BOID is out now on Steam

BOID Steam

BOID, the new online strategy game from award-winning Contre Jour developer Mokus Games, is now available on Steam for $2.99.

Published by SpeedRunners co-developer tinyBuild Games, BOID is a class-based RTS about a drone that crash lands on an alien planet, enabling its primitive life-forms to mutate and develop special abilities. These life-forms now have to fight for dominance – and survival.

There’s a big focus on quick decisions and bluffing your opponent. Levels are tight and compact, and games last mere minutes, with fast-paced action and split-second decisions the norm throughout.

BOID has launched today on Steam Early Access for just $2.99 (with a limited 15% discount), with the idea to build up a strong community around the low entry price point, before bumping the price up to $9.99 at full release. Rest assured, there’s already plenty of content to get to grips with in this initial release, including online multiplayer and more than 20 battlegrounds to take to.

“It’s most important for us to build up the BOID community from the very beginning, hence the lower entry price point,” noted tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik. “We’re so excited to open the floodgates on Mokus Games’ latest masterpiece.”

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