Broforce: User-Generated Island Discovered


In a shocking development from the world of Broforce, a mysterious new User-Generated Island has been discovered just off the coast of the Broforce world map in today’s update. The planet’s smartest scienticians have speculated that the newly discovered landmass is quietly being populated with the best, most patriotic user-created missions from Steam Workshop in time for the game’s full launch later next year.

“The Free Lives team has been incredibly impressed with the creativity and craftsmanship in the custom levels created by the community over the past few months,” said Free Lives’ Artist Jarred “The Junt” Lunt. “There were suspicions that our own Broforce level designers were grossly incompetent and obsolete but this new initiative confirms it.”

Through the powerful Broforce level editor and a newly launched bimonthly level design competition – the Weekend Workshop Brodown – talented level architects will be able to design custom Broforce missions based on a specific theme for a chance at free Devolver Digital games and to see their level immortalized in Broforce itself. For more details on the bimonthly Weekend Workshop Brodown visit the Broforce community hub on Steam (

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