Camelot Unchained Reveals Surprise Shapeshifters Archetype

This week CityState Games brought quite the curveball in their 10 week class archetype reveal series for PvP Sandbox MMORPG, Camelot Unchained. After archers, and heavy fighters brought the iconic MMORPG classes to the forefront, this week’s Shapeshifters take a sharp “Bat Shit Crazy” turn from the norm. Let’s break down what these three classes bring to the table.

Camelot Unchained ShapeShifters


Vikings – Child of Loki

The child of Loki is as wily a creature as you’d expect. Capable of obtaining runes to unlock new forms, a veteran Child of Loki is a deviant with more than just a bag of tricks up their sleeves. Utilizing a rift running ally speed buffing horse form, they can close in on targets before they have a chance to react. As a wolf they can stay in the heat of battle with life stealing attacks, and reduce their foes to shivering piles by upping their allies panic inducing rating. As a snake they can properly identify and break through a variety of armor types to kill foes slowly with long duration stacking poisons. They’re less reliant on weapons and armor then their Shapeshifter counterparts, and force a user to think strategically and quickly to use the right forms in the right situations to obtain victory.


Arthurians – Enchanted Knight

Mock their all too Arthurian sounding name all you want. The Enchanted Knight is not something you want to run into in a dark alley. Masters of 1v1 combat, they can transform into creatures such as a Griffon (high slashing damage and furious attack speeds), Basilisk (crippling debuff disease and AoEs), and Demon (utilizing veil chaos damage buffs and curses to control and punish brash foes). The longer they stay in a single form, the more they can empower themselves, making them ideal for choosing a form that counters an enemy and then slowly wittling them away with your advantage.



TDD – Black Rider

Dullahans, aka headless knights, the Black Rider is akin to the grim reaper of the battlefield. While initially less intimidating than their rival shapeshifters, and not as viable in single combat, a Black Rider left alone too long may become the undoing of your entire regiment. The Dullahan transforms into increasingly terrifying forms over time, utilizing its detached head as a projectile weapon, its spine as a spear, and its ribs as armor. Their abilities deal death damage that grows in power as more corpses pile up around them. Once in their final form, they will literally absorb the fallen of the battlefield to become unstoppable monstrosities, bolstering their defenses or punishing attackers with recoil.


Check out the full overview of classes on the new class reveal page! Or catch the livestream reveal below!



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