Compensation Notice and Quadruple-Experience Activity Preview

International Gaming Gate today announced the compensating solution for unexpected bug which appeared and finally led to the halt of Valentine’s Event on February 14th.During that event, plenty of Chinchillas suddenly appeared in the game and harmed the game balance. Myth War Team took prompt measure by deleting all Chinchillas pets and eggs obtained during the bug period.
Here the notice is put up to compensate players who won the rewards Chinchilla in the activity before that bug period. Players who won the rewards Chinchilla in the activity please contact our GM as soon as possible. Head over to see more detail regarding the compensation criteria by visiting:
In addition to the compensation of rewards, official will also launch Quadruple-Experience Activity at all of our servers at Sever Time Mar.15th, 2007, lasting for 24 hours. Players’ experience in the Quest or other activities will increase formally within these 24 hours. To know more about this Activity, please click:

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