DDO Releases Comprehensive MMO Glossary

DDO Releases Comprehensive MMO Glossary


Turbine, the creators of Dungeons & Dragons Online, has released a great overview of the most important MMO terms. While the full glossary is impressive and helpful it is also a little bit overwhelming. So here are the eight most important terms in MMO land in random order:

-CC: Used as shorthand for “Crowd Control” CC refers to a set of spells and abilities that can momentarily stun or paralyze mobs and players. Crowd control is essential when dealing with large groups of mobs, making a class that excels at CC a highly desirable addition to any group.

-Class: A “Class” represents a particular set of in-game abilities which determine the way a player interacts with the world, primarily during combat. The most common class types consist of melee (close-range) offense, melee defender, ranged offense, crowd control, healing and general support.

-NPC/Mob: A monster (or humanoid character) controlled by in-game AI, and never another actual player.

-AoE: An “Area of Effect” that generally refers to an area where an ability hits multiple targets.

Aggro can apply to a hostile mob that's noticed a player and is actively attempting to attack said player


-Aggro: This term can mean a couple things. It can apply to a hostile mob that’s noticed a player and is actively attempting to attack said player. However, it can also refer to the amount of “hostility” a player has generated on the mob. Most times, in combat, a defensive class will try to gather as much aggro as possible in order to keep mobs from attacking the more vulnerable group members.

-Buff: A temporary boost to a character, usually improving health or another core statistic that improves weapon or magical attack damage. Think of it like a magical injection of caffeinated beverage without any of the drawbacks.

-Crafting: A game system designed around the creation by players of in-game goods. Generally, crafted items include weapons, armor, rings, enchantments, and the like.

-DPS: “Damage per Second”. this term refers to how much damage is being dealt to a target. You’ll see its use for both player characters and non-player characters, such as mobs.


Check out the full glossary.


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