Divina’s 72 Hour Event Details Revealed

Divina’s 72 Hour Event Details Revealed



After inviting registered players and handing out beta keys this week, Gamania Digital Entertainment is counting down the launch of Divina’s Challenge 72 beta, set for 10:00AM PDT. To get players ready, the team has released a packed 72 hour event schedule, filled with awesome activities.



The first challenge is to get Divina’s “Level Meter” to 100%, full of level 30 players. Every 24 hours, Gamania will update the number of players that have reached level 30, and if the Level Meter reaches its goal, all characters will not be wiped before the next PVP Beta – allowing everyone to keep their progress and special beta rewards.



Anyone who’s played Lucent Heart knows that Gamania is dedicated to building a lasting relationship with its community. In Divina, the team is continuing that trend. With friendly GMs who get to know players, and daily events that encourage community interaction, Gamania is once again set on delivering an unprecedented social experience.



Events Schedule: http://us.beanfun.com/divina/event/beta72/


Arena and Guild PvP: Nothing brings a server together like friendly competition. These heated tournaments will run throughout the beta.

Staff and GM Meet-ups: The GMs and Staff of Divina want to personally meet the community. They’ll be holding Q&As, running contests, and even questing with players.

Town Invasions: Players and Guilds will need to band together and drive away invading demons.


It’s going to be a busy 72 hours with hundreds of quests to complete, items and skills to unlock, monsters to collect, and of course, exciting events every hour.

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