DOMO: Merchant Class Now Available


Suba Games is excited to announce the addition of a new class for MMORPG DOMO. The Merchant Class will be added today for players to enjoy. The addition of a new class into DOMO’s already diverse job system is causing quite a bit of excitement for players of the freshly revived and much loved MMO. In this exciting update to the game we will be adding the Merchant class which is a fighter that is all about the bucks, as well as a few new quests. Without further delay meet the master of bargaining!

Overview of Merchant Class
The Master of Bargaining also known as the merchant is always looking to make a profit whenever possible. This job is all about the money from attacks to skills and everything is calculated with their handy abacus. The merchant works tirelessly to squeeze every gold coin by increasing the effectiveness of different kinds of restoration items. Every attack skill for the merchant is based on the money that they are investing in the fight and with their passive abilities to get a tax break when selling goods and to increase the size of their stalls this is the class for any eager entrepreneur in town.

Overview of Tigerman’s Dungeon
The man eating Tigerman has taken up residence underneath the town hall of Eversun and is building up an army of Tiger monsters. Eversun requires the aid of heroes to venture forth and stop this looming menace so close to home.

Overview of the ‘Protect the Darkdale Mines’ Guild Quest
The town of Darkdale is plagued with a monstrous beast residing in their mines and unfortunately there is a shortage of heroes capable of attending to the matter. They require aid from a guild of heroes to take down such a fearsome beast and its minions.

Dream of Mirror Online has just recently been revived and it is already receiving unique and exciting updates to provide more content to its already vast world. With constant support and love from fans for this MMO’s revival we have started a series of fun and unique updates to keep this game alive and thriving in its second life.

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