Dragon Saga Celebrates Lunar New Year

Dragon Saga Celebrates Lunar New Year With Exciting Line-Up Of Events



Dragon Saga Dragon Head



WarpPortal today announced an exciting line-up of events to celebrate Lunar New Year for its popular action MMORPG, Dragon Saga.



Dragon Saga New Years 2012



Event Line Up

1.      Find your Fortune (January 18th – January 31st)
Each day, all players over level 23 will be given a Fortune Gasha Box. The box contains one of six fortunes listed below:
·         Great! – EXP x 1.3 (1hr)
·         Good! – Atk speed +5% (1hr)
·         Nice! – Def + 10% (1hr)
·         Not Bad! – Def + 10% (1hr)
·         Bad! – Move speed -5% (1hr)
·         Too Bad – Aim rate -5% (1hr)



2.      Big Wheel Costumes and Dragon Costume Sale (January 18th – January 31st)

All new 2012 Hat, Glasses, and Balloons will be added to the Big Wheel.

The Item Mall will be offering “Year of the Dragon Costume Box” which contains Oriental Dragon Costume (Mas, Backpack, and Balloon) and 20x Year of the Dragon 2012 Firecrackers for just 375pts.



Dragon Saga New Years Glasses



3.      A Call to Arms (January 18th – February 14th)
Training or hunting on Channel 1 will give heroes level 1-40 a greater bonus than ever before!
·         Physical/Magical Defense +100%, HP +100%, MP +100%, EXP +100%
·         Upon Character Creation: 1x +10 [Normal] Darksoul weapon and +10 Underground Graveyard armors Helmet/Top.



4.      Tournament of Dragons [Team Edition]
Starting on January 20, 15 teams of 4 who register on a first-come, first-served basis on the official Tournament Registration thread will be able to compete for prizes including Samsung LCD computer monitors, Mini USB monitors, Razer Optical gaming Mouse, and free item mall points. The tournament will take place on February 4th, from 12:00 PM PST until 7:00 PM PST. Official tournament rules can be found at: http://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/66033-tournament-of-dragons-team-edition/. Build your Dragon Saga character for this “Tournament of Dragons” and register ASAP!

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