E3: Details released regarding TERA Online’s Political System!

E3: Details released regarding TERA Online’s Political System!

By Michael Dunaway, OnRPG Site Admin

Enmasse just released details of the new political system in TERA Online. The lands of TERA are divided up into territories that elected players called Vanarchs can control. In order for a player to be elected into the Vanark position is through an election system held ever so often. The players in the territory have the right to vote on whether or not a certain player gets the opportunity to assume the position. However diplomacy is not the only way to achieve rulership, players can also become Vanark through domination and arena combat in each region. Tournaments are held and if a players team is victorious then the team leader is elected as Vanarch.


Some of the responsibilities/actions a Vanark can perform while in power are:


Raising and lowering taxes in shops – A Vanarch can choose how much players have to pay extra in shops within the territory. The extra income from these taxes is paid directly to the Vanark.


Enable or disable open pk – A Vanarch can choose to enable or disable open PVP between everyone in the territory.


Open special NPCs to the public or keep them private – A Vanarch can choose to allow everyone in the territory access to special NPCs with rare weapons and other craftable items or keep them for himself and his political party (guild in TERA).


Special events – A Vanarch can choose to pay for special events to be held in his territory. These events range from banners flown with the Vanarch’s colors and name to parades held in honor of the Vanark. The Vanark can even choose to host events for his loyal citizens, giving out items.


Policing system – A territory task force of NPCs who can enforce the laws put in place. If a player breaks the laws then the NPCs actually imprison the players.


In order to stay in power a Vanarch must maintain a certain level of policy points. Periodically a vote will be taken in order to see if the player currently the Vanarch is to remain as such. If the player is an unpopular Vanark and they wish to remain in power they must embark on Vanarch quests to kill certain world bosses in oder to keep their policy points high.


All of this information points to quite an exciting tug-of-war style political system with different political parties and players vying for control as the Vanarch in their respective territories. Check back often here on OnRPG for more exclusive TERA information!


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